Procedure for Obtaining Oil & Gas Permits


1. Submission of application letter addressed to the Honorable Minister of Environment, attaching the filled application form and receipt for payment registration fee of Fifty Thousand Naira only ( ₦50, 000) made to Federal Ministry of Environment through Treasury Single Account – TSA (www.remita.net).

2. Processing of application documents by FMENV.

3. Environmental compliance monitoring / facility inspection exercise of the facility. Cost implication of the exercise to be borne by the Company.

4. Field monitoring report by FMENV.

5. Payment of permitting fee of ₦250, 000.00 and operational charge of ₦100, 000.00 respectively, to be made by the company of the Federal Ministry of Environment through Treasury Single Account – TSA (www.remita.net).

6. Issuance or permit with conditions of approval to the company.

7. Permit will automatically be revoked anytime it’s discovered that the applicant deliberately provide false, misleading or incomplete information during the application process.

8. Operator or owner of facility will be liable for non – compliance with the approval / permit conditions.

9. If there is any change or modification in the operating condition(s) of the plant, the Ministry must be notified accordingly, otherwise it will lead to revocation of the permit.

10. Each permit is valid for 2 years from the date of issuance, and should be renewed on expiration with payment of renewal fee of ₦250, 000.00.

11. Application for re – issuance must be submitted to the Ministry at least 3 months before the expiration of the existing permit