The Environmental Standards & Monitoring (ES&M) is one of the four (4) divisions in the Environmental Assessment Department. There are three (3) core functional branches that make up this division. Below is the organogram of the Division as well as the mandate of each Branch.

Mandate of Environmental Audit (EAu)/Environmental Management System (EMS) & Decommissioning Branch

  • Review and Certification of EAu reports of industries and corporate organizations.
  • Development and Review of National Guidelines on EAu.
  • Conduct of EAu facility inspections.
  • Conduct of EMS Audit.
  • Implementation of EMS.
  • Issuance of Decommissioning Permits.
  • Issuance of Audit certificates.
  • Generation of revenue from EAu registration and certification fees.

Mandate of the Post Impact Assessment (PIA) and Environmental Compliance Monitoring (ECM) Branch

  • Conduct of ECM exercise and review of ECM quarterly reports.
  • Issuance of feedbacks for Implementation by facilities
  • Review of PIA reports
  • Constitution of Technical Review Panels of Experts and Regulators
  • Issuance of PIA approvals
  • Issuance of PIA certificates
  • Generation of revenue from PIA registration fees, Initial Processing fees and Final Assess Charges

Mandate of The Laboratory Services, Ecolabelling and Guideline Review Branch

  • Accreditation and Revalidation of environmental laboratories
  • Development and Review of National Guidelines and Standards for air, water and soil
  • Quality Analysis/Quality Control of environmental data gathering
  • Supervision of laboratory analysis
  • Conduct of Ecolabelling
  • Generation of revenue from laboratory accreditation/revalidation fees