Public Display of the Updated Environmental and Social Management Framework for West Africa Regional Disease Surveillance Systems Enhancement Project (REDISSE). 

The West Africa Regional Disease Surveillance Systems Enhancement Project (REDISSE) will be implemented as an interdependent series of projects (SOP) that will eventually engage and support all 15 ECOWAS member countries. The first project in the series, REDISSE-SOP1 which targets both extremely vulnerable countries (Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia) and countries which have more effective surveillance systems and serve as hosts for important regional assets (Nigeria and Senegal). Phase 2 (REDISSE-SOP2) is expected to be delivered in the second quarter of Fiscal Year 17 (FY17).

This document is one of three safeguards instruments that were prepared, consulted upon and disclosed for the REDISSE II project (ESMF, NHCWMP and PMP). It has been updated to include: (i) the principles for mitigation potential risks from the construction of new buildings; (ii) COVID-19 protocols; and (iii) to ensure that the proposed COVID-19 intervention activities (construction of new facilities like laboratories or health centers, isolation centers and so on) will not require involuntary resettlement and only use public lands, free of squatter and other encumbrances.

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